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The people of Japan are still struggling to rebuild their lives after the triple disaster (earthquake, tsunami, nuclear meltdown) of March 2011. Please help. We will match your donation up to $100.

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Traditional Geta and Zori

Geta and zori are perfect for outdoor use, whether it's gardening in your back yard or a stroll through the neighborhood.

The Traditional Geta and Zori are the same footwear used in Japan during summer time. All of our footwear is top of the line - made only from the highest quality materials.

Please note that all of our Japanese footwear runs small, in comparison to American footwear.  All of our footwear sizes are given in inches, NOT American shoe size. 

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Men's Tatami Zori Women's Tatami Zori Men's Geta
Men's Tatami Zori
Women's Tatami Zori
Men's and Women's Geta