Travel Futon
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Travel Futon - Sweet Sleep On the Go


Travel with it! Camp with it!

Handles & Straps Make It Portable

Your Guests Will Love the Comfort

Our Travel Futon offers sweet sleep on the go. Lightweight foam core wrapped in pure cotton reduces weight while providing the same firm comfort you enjoy in your Shikifuton. At 3" thick it is the perfect size for a stored away guest bed or an alternative to sleeping bags when you're 'roughing' it.

Made in the USA, our Travel Futon features more densely packed cotton so it retains its loftiness and support over time. The 2" foam core and cotton are pre-compressed under maximum pressure while tufting to ensure lasting firmness and durability

30" x 75" Available in Off-White Twill, Black Duck or Blue Duck covers. Shown above and at right with Blue Duck cover.



Please Note: Due to Federal Health Regulations, Mattress Pads are not returnable.