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9' x 9' Tatami Room Kit
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9' x 9' Tatami Room Kit

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This Tatami kit comes with four standard size mats and one half mat. This four and a half mat kit is the perfect combination to achieve a nine foot by nine foot Tatami space.

Our Tatami Mats are constructed of Japanese Rush Grass with a double layer top for extra protection. The inside is a baked Dried Rice Straw Fill for strength and durability. Each mat is sewn with a black fabric border and bound with twine. A moisture resistant barrier is included in the foundation of the mat.

No Japanese home is without a Tatami Room, which is used for a variety of purposes (eating, sleeping, watching TV).  The Tatami remind the Japanese of "home" and wherever there is tatami, there is "home". 

Click here to see two typical four and a half mat Tatami room layouts. These are two of the most popular traditional layouts that you can achieve using this kit.